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Kickstarting the OLIVERS Brief

Think Outside the Boxer

Story by OLIVERS April 14th, 2015

In the fall on 2013, we set out to solve a problem we saw with men’s athletic apparel. When it came to shorts, men were forced to choose between performance and style. Our solution was the All Over Short - simple designs, handsome and durable materials, and a tailored fit were some of the foundational elements of the piece.

We launched the product on Kickstarter, and the response was overwhelming. Over 3,300 backers claimed more than 5,500 pairs of our All Over Short, resulting in one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history. After this initial success, we decided to go back to the drawing board and apply the same principles to another problem, cotton and the classic boxer brief.

While it’s known that cotton is a terrible performance fabric, it remains the default material in a most essential piece – the boxer brief. Cotton absorbs sweat like a sponge, causing discomfort and trapping moisture against the skin. Our search to solve this problem brought us to Schoeller Fabrics in Switzerland, the premier technical mill in the world. The fabric we chose was first developed for the military as a base layer. Its soft, plush hand feel provides maximum comfort, while its hydrophobic qualities wick moisture away from the skin. We used a durable 1.75” nylon brushed band that distributes compression and never digs into your skin.

OLIVERS founder, David Wolfe explains, “the end result is a brief that looks and feels great, and is the perfect day-to-day solution for the active man. The OLIVERS Brief will be the best of its kind on the market.”

On April 14th, we brought our idea to Kickstarter again, allowing people to join us in the development of another revolutionary athletic piece for men. In return, our backers choose from great rewards, such as: discounted briefs, a Weekender bag developed in collaboration with New England’s legendary canvas manufacturer Steele, and high performance blankets by Rumpl.

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