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The Merino Pullover

An Old School Classic Elevated for Modern Performance

Story by OLIVERS September 15th, 2015

Starting with the All Over Short, OLIVERS has been working to reimagine men‘s sportswear classics. 

For our third product, we’ve focused on the hoodie. Originally introduced as a solution to keep New England’s woodsmen warm during long winters, the hooded sweatshirt is in desperate need of an update. The baggy, cotton piece that has come to define the category no longer reflects the technical, performance soul of its origin. 

Using simple design, nature’s finest performance fabric, and updating the baggy cut with our signature tailored fit, the Merino Pullover elevates an old school classic into a special piece that can return once again as a man’s wardrobe staple. 

Merino wool serves as the base of this piece. It’s temperature and moisture controlling capabilities are unmatched, as are its antimicrobial properties. Making its way to us from Australia, this 18.9 micron, 220 GSM merino wool is ready for anything. The Merino Pullover features stay-put, contour sleeves to be easily worn up or down, and an internal collar beneath the hood for added structure and warmth. The collar and hood meet in a unique neckline inspired by the design of military flight jackets. With cues taken from classic cycling jerseys, the reverse raglan socket sleeve is a solution that allows maximum range of motion without compromising fit. There’s no other “hoodie” like it on the market. 

 The Merino Pullover is available in limited pre-order September 15th through September 18th on at special pre-order pricing ($128), after September 18th the Merino Pullover will be available at full retail price ($148). It will ship in November.

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Footnote: Photos taken by Andy Bokanev
San Francisco, CA, United States
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